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5 Ways To Make Your Car's Interior Last Longer

by Client

Everyday use of your car causes wear and tear on pretty much every part of the vehicle. Although your car's interior isn't the same as a mechanical part, the constant flow of passengers still takes its toll on the interior. Looking after your car ensures that you can get a good price if you ever decide to trade in, and the interior is an equally important part of retaining the vehicle's value. Here are 5 tips from Client to make your car's interior last as long as possible.

1) Consider Where You Park/Store Your Vehicle

The heat of sunlight magnified through the windows can fade fabric and crack leather or plastic seat covers. Always park your car in a cool, shady place, ideally in a garage or car port. If you have to park your car in the sun, use windshield guards to protect the interior from the sunlight.

2) Be Prepared for Emergency Stains

Your emergency stain kit should include dry, clean cloths for soaking up any spillage as soon as it occurs. Keep a small knife in the kit so that you can quickly and cleanly scrape up greasy stains, such as lipstick. Keep a very small bottle of rubbing alcohol to hand, which can break down oil-based marks and stains. A small bottle of diluted upholstery cleaner will also come in handy. Check with your dealer if you are unsure which products are suitable for your car.

3) Be Mindful of Your Cargo

Without care and intention, your cargo can easily damage your car's interior. Anything with sharp corners or protruding staples can easily tear fabrics. Dirty boxes and crates can leave stains and scuffs, and bottles of liquid can easily fall over and leak. Wherever possible, carry your cargo in the trunk, ideally secured by straps or fasteners. If you must use the cabin space, lay down protective sheets or tarp before placing boxes and bottles on the seats.

4) Protect That Upholstery

Upholstery protection can be purchased cheaply and should simply be applied to new or cleaned upholstery. The product then creates a barrier on the surface of the upholstery, which causes liquids to form small beads, rather than soaking in. This makes it much easier to clean up spills.

5) Consider Banning Food/Drink in the Car 

Food and drink spills are some of the most common stains on car interiors and can be very difficult to remove after a short time. Rather than worrying about how to remove these marks, consider preventing them in the first place. If you are on a long car journey, you can hop out for refreshments and a chance to stretch your legs, (while keeping those potentially sticky contaminants out of your vehicle).