You can trust Client to be the experts. Our service team has years of experience maintaining Mercedes-Benz models and their parts. One of the most important parts is the battery. With proper maintenance, car batteries can keep their charge and remain dependable. If neglected, they can fail when you need them most.

The battery’s primary function is to power the engine starter. Poor battery maintenance can lead to corrosion. If the battery becomes corroded, it can fail to properly recharge, which will eventually lead to a dead battery. This is the last thing you want to discover on a cold morning or when you’re running late.

As with all of your vehicle’s parts and systems, proper regular maintenance is key. The Client service department is here for you. Bring your Mercedes-Benz in for regularly scheduled check-ups, and we can ensure that your battery is always in the best shape. And when your battery reaches the end of its service life, we can properly dispose of it, so you can rest assured you are taking care of the planet as well as taking care of your Mercedes-Benz.