Oil changes may feel like an all-too-frequent nuisance, but they really are the most affordable and effective form of preventative maintenance. The oil in your vehicle not only lubricates your engine, it also helps clean the engine as it runs.

Gunk builds up in the engine as you drive. Thankfully, engine oil picks up the debris as it travels through your engine. That's why your dipstick starts off dripping with a beautiful amber liquid and ends up as black sludge. As the oil collects this grime, it loses its lubricating power. Thus, routine oil changes not only make your vehicle run more efficiently, but they extend the life of your engine as well, both of which help maintain your vehicle's resale value.

Today's oil formulations have longer life spans and don't have to be changed as frequently, and some cars even offer a flexible oil change schedule based on the type of driving you do. Stop-and-go driving, climate, heavy towing, and engine strain can all affect the life of your oil.

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